Workshop in MILAN (Italy)

04/05 November 2016

To deal with every aspect of Symfony, already focusing it on your need of application.

To transmit the know-how to every developer, whatever his/her starting level.

The workshop will transmit you all the theory and (above all!) the practice needed to develop web projects with Symfony3.

This is Train to Symfony.

Informations for the organization and conduct of the workshop:

Coworking Login venue
Via Privata Stefanardo da Vimercate, 28
20128 - Milano (IT)
timetable Friday and saturday 09:00-18:00 (1 ora launch)
total duration: ~16 hours
maximum 8
booking Send us an email to [email protected], you will receive all the informations to book your seat!
carrying out The workshop is divided in two days, about 8 hours the first and about 8 hours the second.
The first day we'll set the stage with a continuous alternation between slides (the theory) and code (the practice).
At the end of the first day and throughout the second we'll develop a concrete project in Symfony3.
The workshop is given in Italian.
topis You can find the full description of the topics in this section.
equipment Your personal laptop, prepared properly with Apache 2 and MySQL5 server, PHP >= 5.5.9, virtual hosts running and tested mysql users.
During the workshop less time possible will be spent to configure the handsets of each one, so you must come up with a functioning machine.
A great way to test this is to run an installation of Symfony3 following the instructions at
In the romm there will be wi-fi and electrical outlets, I advise you not to forget (trivial, but necessary) the charger of your laptop, mouse, etc ..