A little bit of history

The first Train was held in Verona in April 2013. Since then another frameworkshop with free access was held in Milan (June 2013) and others were held at companies that wanted it in their offices.

Here is a list of the main stops, from most recent to the first Train to Symfony.

  • 04/05 November 2016

    Workshop Train to Symfony open to everyone in Milan.

  • 22/23 September 2015

    In Brescia (Italy), at the web agency 7Hype.

  • 12 March 2015

    Near Brescia (Italy), at the web agency Agenzia Rossa.

  • 21/22 November 2014

    In Mantua (Italy), at the web agency Copiaincolla Pubblicità.

  • 22/24 June 2014

    Near Venice (Italy), at the web agency CIQUATTRO AGENCY.

  • 22/23 November 2013

    In Milan (Italy), at the web agency TREEWEB.

  • 05/08 November 2013

    In Milan (Italy), at the digital marketing agency ContactLab.

  • 05/06 September 2013

    In Padua (Italy), at the comunications agency Pallino & Co. The frameworkshop was sponsored by Fòrema.

  • 06 July 2013

    In Verona, at the head office of Manens-Tifs s.p.a.

  • 29/30 June 2013

    In Milan (Italy) with open participation, at the venue of Impact Hub Milano.

    The stop in Milan was the second round of the frameworkshop. Different topics, different ways, different achievements. But same strongly practical spirit.
    Passengers said... "A well-made workshop, a prepared train conductor with a good disposition to dialogue! Now I have a precise and technical reference point to start from, based on Emanuele's real experience, who uses Symfony as a business tool for its daily projects".

  • 13/14 April 2013

    In Verona with open participation, at TheCollective (now GeekVille)

    "For me it was pure gold", without a doubt "The preparation of Emanuele was very high." The test project? "Interesting and complete. Could not choose better." In short, "I sincerely hope this becomes a regular appointment" because "Relaxed atmosphere, interesting people and cool train conductor."