Which Train is this?

To deal with every aspect of Symfony, already focusing it on your need of application.

To transmit the know-how to every developer, whatever his/her starting level.

To learn everything inside the company, boosting the productivity of the individual and the group.

This is Train to Symfony.


The workshop will transmit you all the theory and (above all!) the practice needed to develop web projects with Symfony3.

During the course we will work on a real application in Symfony3, made by all the necessary elements in order to let you start develop your own project.


The workshop is thought for those that:

  • "I'm interested in Symfony but my boss thinks it's not so useful, so where could I learn it?"

  • "In my company we want to move to Symfony. We'd like to start using it quickly"

  • "I've always used a frameworks. In what does Symfony differ from them?"

  • "Symfony? Hmm."


The workshop is divided in two days, about 8 hours the first and about 8 hours the second.

The first day we'll set the stage with a continuous alternation between slides (the theory) and code (the practice).

At the end of the first day and throughout the second we'll develop a concrete project in Symfony3.

Where will it leave you?


You will understand how it reduces the time of your work and how it increases the reliability. You will understand that enhances and facilitates the updating and management of your projects. That promotes cooperation in teams.

And you will find that if we should re-invent the wheel every time we produce a car, we would still live in the caves.


You will master all aspects you thought obscure and cryptic. You'll climb the steepest part of the initial learning curve.

And find that it's less complicated than you think. You'll be able to deal with and independently carry out a web project using Symfony3.